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Don’t Waste Your Freedom!

We are living in a day and age when the tide of our culture and the chaos of our world are becoming overwhelming. Men are sitting on the front lines of business and politics and home-life. How do you best lead your family when you don’t know where the world is headed?

This is a time to stand up and stand firm. Men—it is becoming as clear as ever that we are to live for Christ…  because living for the world is a total waste. Now is the time to take hold of your freedom in Christ. Maximize the time you have and use it for Him alone! Join us February 5-6, 2016 for the Free Indeed Men’s Conference.

Jesus didn’t purchase our freedom so we could waste it. Men, it’s time to act!

"If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36


Ron Zappia

Ron Zappia

Ron Zappia is the Lead Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel Naperville.

Harvest Naperville was the first church plant of Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows in the year 2000. Sent out as the first church planting pastor of the Harvest Bible Fellowship, he also serves as the chairman for Harvest Bible Fellowship

Highpoint Ministries is the teaching ministry of Ron Zappia, providing comprehensive teaching from God’s Word through weekly messages.

He and his wife Jody live in Wheaton, IL with their three daughters Allie, Erin and Emily.

Ted Duncan

Ted Duncan

Ted Duncan is the Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel Brampton.

Ted has a passion for helping people know God through understanding the Bible and teaching them what it means to pray, worship, and evangelize.

He and his wife Lyncey fell in love at summer camp and were both involved with Power to Change in university. Born and raised in Hamilton, Ted served on staff at Harvest Oakville for five years before moving to Brampton as a church planter in 2009.

Ted and Lyncey have four sons and manage to survive without a minivan. Ted is trusting God each day and spending himself in order that more people from more nations will hear the gospel and worship Jesus.

Daniel Henderson

Daniel Henderson

Daniel Henderson is the President of Strategic Renewal. For three decades Daniel Henderson has been guiding individuals, leaders, and churches to embrace experience of powerful spiritual renewal. He has served as a senior pastor to thousands in congregations in California and Minnesota.

Today he speaks across the nation at leadership conferences and local churches while coaching pastors and business leaders in the principles of a strategic and spiritually significant life. He is a husband, father, grandfather and author of eight books. For more information about his ministry visit and

Robbie Symons

Robbie Symons

Robbie Symons is the founding pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Oakville, Ontario.

Harvest Oakville began as a humble Bible study in 2003 and quickly grew into a church of 3500 that has planted several daughter churches across Canada.

Robbie can be heard on Live in the Light, a daily radio ministry covering southern Ontario and Western New York, and is the author of the book Passion Cry (coming soon).

He and his wife, Gillian, have four children and live in Burlington, Ontario. For more information about Robbie visit or


When I attended the conference last year, I brought a close friend whose family was in crisis. God worked powerfully in that situation, but He also blind-sided me with a fresh word for my own life! The fellowship, worship and teaching were incredible! Free Indeed is by far the best Men’s Conference I have ever attended.

~ Neil (WDCX Radio)

For me [Free Indeed] was a great refresher, life can be so chaotic that it is easy to forget some of the basics of our faith and what Christ did for us. This weekend was a great time to just forget everything else for a bit and get focused again.

~ Jack

I took away from the conference the reassurance that I worship a loving God who does not condemn or convict me. I love knowing that every speaker does a great job of reminding me of some of the basics of my faith.

~ Randy

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